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1. Club History

In the summer of 1947 Tommy Harris a Welshman who ran a well known Hostelry in Maldon - The Kings Head, called together a group of mainly ex-servicemen, who had all played rugby, to a meeting in the Blue Boar Hotel at which Maldon Rugby Club was formed.

Many of the group were Welsh,or had strong Welsh connections. Evan Davies,Dick Jones,Jink Jenkins,Les Dexter,Haydyn Williams were some of those present and Griffith Williams, who's son John Williams is still a vice president of the club, was the first president.

The first game was against Ipswich in September 1947, the result unfortunately is not recorded and was probably forgotten soon after the game, as Maldon from the very start created a reputation for social activities which still strongly exists today. The strength of this comradship,started over 50 years ago can still be seen today from the constant support of many of Maldons legendary players of the past, at our headquarters at Drapers Farm.

From the Kings Head and for a while the Blue Boar Hotel, the club made its headquarters at The Queens Head where Butts and Enid Yardley made the club very welcome for nearly 20 years. Some fine players passed through the club during this period.

It was not until 1984 that the club moved to its present headquarters at Drapers Farm; at this stage the league systems, which are still in place, were introduced. The Nineties was the era that Maldon Rugby club began to play some enterprising rugby. With organised coaching and regular training the club climbed swiftly from Eastern counties 3 to London NE3 this was due to great players, the likes of Dave & Jack Redfearn, Don Pearce and the Legend Sean Cullerton, they were of course ably supported by many others.

In 1992 the Club appointed David Kiddle as its club President which bought the club up to the present high standard in 2004 David stood down, we wish him well.

The club is currently going through a period of change, but with the historic background and a strong management team led by its current chairman Jeremy Wood, And with Pete Binder as the President along with club captain Stuart Pearson, and the ever increasing youth section, the future of this great club looks assured for many years to come.